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Mechanical Design & Assembly

CAD Modeling

Need a part drawn up in 3D? No problem! We provide 3D modeling services to augment our electronics development. Whether you need just a CAD model, or actual parts, we have the capability and experience to help.

CNC Machining

If you need a functional part quickly, CNC is the way to go. We work closely with our partner machine shop to ensure your part has the best tolerances and surface finish. We use the latest high-performance machines, and have capability to do up to 5-axis machining.

Rapid Prototypes

When you need a part or prototype that won’t see extreme environments or stresses, rapid prototyping is a good fit. We’ve been around Stereo-Lithography (now commonly known as 3D printing) practically since it was invented and have direct experience with all major RP technologies. As materials advance, these prototype parts are finding more applications, even direct engine mounting! Contact us and let us walk you through how RP can be used on your project.

Plastic Injection Molding

If producing many parts (typically 100 or more), injection molding is the most cost effective. There is a high initial cost to machine the tooling, but afterwards parts can be produced for as little as pennies each. If your project fits these requirements, let us help you with the process.

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