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Vinyl Cutting

CAD cutting provides a variety of end uses, the most common is for creating vinyl graphics/decals. Our machine can handle cuts up to 22.9″ across and up to 1/16″ thick. Large, multi-color designs can be done by splitting up the design into smaller pieces.


Vinyl Adhesive Graphics

Vinyl decals can be applied to just about anything and can really give a professional appearance to your operation. I use high-quality vinyl that will last for years when applied to the side of vehicle, and will remove easily if used for just a short time. If you need graphics for your car, trailer, toolbox, computer, whatever…I can help!


Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is commonly applied to fabrics. It is a quality low-cost alternative to screen printing if you’re making only a few items. I think it really gives a nice appearance when everyone on the team is wearing shirts with the team name, even if there are only 4 of you! This material can even be applied to canopy awnings.


Paint Masking Films

Even if you want to go with something much more permanent than vinyl, I can create masking patterns for use with regular paint. The most common example is stenciled lettering, but many more complex shapes can also be done. Simply apply the cut mask pattern, lay down your paint, then remove the mask material. It’s a great way to get the same image every time.


Window Tint

Window tint film is avaiable in several colors, so it’s a great way to display a design on glass.


Paint Protection Films

Paint protection films are a great way to avoid damage and create easy cleanup of your paint. For race cars, it can really help on the lower parts of the car that take abuse from track debris. I have access to templates for the common makes and models, and can tweak a design if you have something custom.


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